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I'm honored to be collaborating with an international team of experts to create a Knowledge Economy in Africa. With top educators, corporate partners, industry and various levels of government in Canada, South Africa, Norway, Germany, UAE, UK and beyond... we are developing technologically enhanced methods to build skill sets and educate rural youth in areas of film, media, computers, music and mobile applications.

I have created a film production boot camp for South Africa where young film makers will attend a 6 week intensive, hands-on, immersive bootcamp to learn basic production for film, TV and video. Upon completion of the bootcamp; students will be placed on a crew and matched with teacher/mentors who will guide them through the actual process of making a feature film. This is a realistic job creation strategy which aims not only at stimulating the film industry in South Africa with locally made, modest budget, high value feature films, but it also trains crew and grants needed experience to build a body of quality craftsmen that can service international or foreign productions.

NOTE: We are seeking mentors. visionaries, educators and teachers for a video conference teaching platform that we will be launching in Africa. Please send me your details if you are interested in participating or assisting with this globally responsible project.

For more information on any of the films or educational initiatives that I am involved in please contact me directly. I can be reached via phone, Skype, blog, websites, LinkedIn, twitter, facebook... ah... or my direct email alison {at}

I look forward to collaborating with creative minds and compassionate visionaries.


Feature Film Projects:

Lions and Tigers and Bears - Suspense Drama (in Africa)

Visionary - Supernatural Drama

The Competition - Musical Comedy (in Africa)

Hecate - 3D Animation/Live Action

Cougar Hunting - Black Comedy

Noni's Happy Ending - Transmedia Storytelling Experience (Global, On-going interactive social and web experience)


The Film Co-Op - Founder/Mentor

Women In Film Dubai - Founder & President